Microblading Hand Tool | Multi-Packs - Curve, U Shape, Nano, Round Shading Pins


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Multi-pack discount on Microblading Hand Tools. The larger quantity of multi-pack you order the higher the discount. Perfect for training schools and individuals bulk ordering. 

Multi-packs are sold in quantities of:
1 of each (5 hand tools per pack) = £4.89 per hand tool
3 of each (15 hand tools per pack) = £4.80 per hand tool
5 of each (25 hand tools per pack) = £4.68 per hand tool
10 of each (50 hand tools per pack) = 4.54 per hand tool

Packs Include:

  • 9CF, 12CF,& 18U Pink Hand Tools
  • 0.16mm Super Nano Blade 18U Hand Tools
  • 21 Round Pin Powder Brow Shading Hand Tools
  • Sturdy stainless steel for control of microblading strokes
  • High quality microblading needles (medical grade steel)
  • ISO 9002 certified

The prevention of cross contamination, the health of your clients, and your reputation as a Microblade Technician are treated with extreme importance and as a high priority at The Microblading Emporium.

  • Each hand tool is individually packed for Single Use Only
  • Each hand tool supplied with LOT number & Sterile Expiry Date

Shrink wrapped tools are NOT sterile and as such should be avoided