Microblading Starter Kit Set | 5 x SofTap® Pigments Hand Tools & Pens


Microblading Kit | 5 x SofTap® Pigments Hand Tools & Pens

 5 x Softap Pigments

10 x 12CF Curve Flexi Microblading Needles 

10 x Aluminium Microblading Pen 

10 x Sterile Single Use Handtools

1  x  Golden Mean Caliper - Stainless Steel with Case                                       

1  x  Microblading Measuring Tool

1  x Eyebrow Mapping String

1 x Japanse Design Peel Off Pencil

1 x While Gel Microblading Marker Pen

2 x  Latex Practice Skins

10 x Alcohol Sterile Wipes

1  x Regular Micro-Brushes (pack of 100)

1 x Pack Brow Trimmers (3 in pack)

5 x Clear Anti Fog Masks

10 X Single use Uniglove® Latex Gloves

Link to SofTap® Colour Chart.

Starter Kit benefits from free next day delivery.


SoffTap® Pigment is sold in a 7ml tube.

SofTap® Pigment is a sterile glycerine based hypo-allergenic micro-pigmentation pigment.

SofTap® Pigments have been produced since 1988 in California, USA and the ingredients used are FDA approved to FDA 21 CFR 73.2250 and 73.1200.

SofTap® Pigments meet all of the requirements set forth in RESAP (2008).

SofTap® Pigments can be mixed with other colours for the SofTap® for optimum results. Must NOT be mixed with pigments of other manufacturers.

SofTap® Pigment use by date is imprinted in the crimped base of the tube.

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