Derma Roller Kit 6 in 1 DRS 540 | Collagen Stimulation Therapy | with Portable Travel Case


DRS Derma Rolling is also known as DRS micro-needling, DRS Derma Rollers are made of
high grade micro needles which roll over and penetrate the skin and upper skin surface painlessly.

These revolutionary devices provide two major benefits. Firstly, they stimulate collagen growth which significantly improves the appearance of skin problems. Secondly, they allow the trans-dermal application of creams, gels and oils, to be absorbed far more effectively - boosting their effectiveness.

Kit Contents:

  • 12 Needles Roller Head
  • 300 Needles Roller Head
  • 720 Needles Roller Head
  • 1200 Needles Roller Head
  • Disinfection Basin
  • Silicone Brush
  • Needle Length: 0.5+1.0+1.5+2.0(mm)
  • Certificate: CE, ISO13485


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