Take Care With Your Microblading Aftercare

November 02, 2018

Take Care With Your Microblading Aftercare

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking the only thing you have to take care of is Microblading; proper aftercare is no less important. Your clients will only thank you for giving them proper aftercare advice. So, with that in mind, we wanted to share with you some useful aftercare hints. Let’s begin with 2 basic principles: moisturised skin and bone-dry brows.

Moisturised skin

  • Hydrating the skin, keeping it properly moisturised, is fundamental for the microblading or tattoo healing process. Hydration does not require you to apply a huge quantity of cream - indeed, that is likely to result in the tattoo or microblading not taking. Using a very THIN layer of product will help the healing without destroying the brow. The amount of product and regularity application will depend on skin type of your client (ideally it would be better to use products such as gels, which adapt to different skin types.)
  • Excessive application of your aftercare cream or ointment can develop an infection!

Microblading Emporium sells a water based formula that helps to restore your skins moisture balance while boosting the healing process to ensure quicker healing and better looking semi-permanent make-up/tattoos.

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Bone-dry brows

  • If water gets into newly microbladed brows, it can replace the pigment. Even natural facial oils are not ideal. However, clients should avoid getting brows wet for up to ten days, or until the brows have healed. Cleaning the face with cleansing water and cotton pads, avoiding the brows is recommended.
  • Avoid makeup or any other creams not recommended for part of the healing process. Products can push the dye out.  
  • Excessive exercise, saunas or anything else that can potentially cause liquid getting into brows should be avoided. Avoid using towels on the face or allowing hair to get into the brows which could lead to scabs being pulled off.

Dry Heal SPMU Serum by the Cambridge Clinic is a popular particular aftercare which has been formulated to NOT block skin pores with a low surface tension which allows the serum to quickly penetrate into the skin giving it valuable nutrients and leaving a fine antibacterial coating.

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 Further advice for clients

Sending clients away confident of knowing what will happen once they leave the salon is key to ensuring that they do the right thing: Putting your advice into a short take home fact sheet will show you have their best interests at heart.

Your clients tattooed areas will change colour during the healing period, with the pigment lightening as the area heals. As such, clients should not worry if the pigment looks too dark to begin with.

It is essential that clients do not to rub, pick or peel off the scabs that will naturally form as part of the microblading process. Picking them off will remove the pigment which will then require re-applying.  Scabbing need to dry, crumble and fall off naturally.

We have produced a short and sweet reminder you can use for clients to help them look after the healing process:

  • Wash your hands before attempting any aftercare
  • About two hours after the treatment, run a wet cotton swab dipped in sterilized water over the area to remove excess dye on the brow. This will help keep the area sterile.
  • Use the cream provided SPARINGLY and as directed by your technician
  • Cleanse the area twice daily with a cotton pad and cooled boiled water
  • Avoid heavy exercise and do not to let sweat touch the pigment
  • Do not put on make up until the area is fully healed
  • Avoid swimming, sauna, steam room, and sun bathing until the area is fully healed
  • Do not pick or scratch off scabs. Let them fall off naturally

We suggest and offer you a vegan, 100% natural and organic balm to heal and prolong colour on tattoo’s’ and Semi-Permanent make-up. Award winning My Brow Care is excellent and offer a great range of tattoo and SPMU aftercare.

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So in summary...

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