Pigment Selection!

September 28, 2017

Pigment Selection!

A friend of mine once fell asleep at a party and had his eyebrow shaved the night before he had an interview. After meeting a local tattoo artist and telling them the interview, he still has, to this day, a faded purple line underneath where his eyebrow grows!

This was in the late 90s when microblading was not yet mainstream in the UK, but even today we still see examples of colour fade/change which is attributable to the use of unsuitable pigments or failure to mix pigments properly.

Recently I have been asked whether you can use tattoo pigments for microblading!! It should be clear that only specific microblading pigments should be used for microblading. Choosing cheaper pigments may offer a short-term saving but a long-term loss when colour fades or changes into horribly not beautiful eyebrow colours!

Vegetable extract pigments are also a big no as they are unbalanced and tend to change colour over time!

At The Microblading Emporium we stock only the best quality pigments all with MSDS certificates:


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