Microblading Techniques and the Microblading Supplies to use...

November 25, 2021

Microblading Techniques and the Microblading Supplies to use...

Many people might think that microblading is simply tattooing the brows to look bolder, thicker and shapely. However there is a lot more consideration that goes into your brow designs from desired shape to colour, but also the method of microblading. 

Here is a breakdown of the different microblading techniques available and the microblading supplies that are required for them:


Microblading, also known as embroidery brows or feathering, is the process of manually drawing hair strokes onto the brows (following the direction in which the hairs naturally grow) to fill in any gaps whilst keeping them looking natural.

Microblading tools

At Microblading Emporium we offer a wide variety of hand tools and needles in all different styles, pin quantities and sizes for all of your microblading requirements! Including both disposable microblading hand tools and multi-use microblading pens which are used with needles and then disposed of, some choose to sterilize in an autoclave machine, we recommend to use as a disposable item.

Alternatively, Microblading Emporium also offers Nano blades which create finer and crisper strokes and have become all the craze among microblading technicians. Get your microblading pen with Nano blade


Gives the effect of make-up-covered brows. The process is usually done by machine but can also be achieved through manual tools. It applies millions of tiny dots of pigment to the brows providing a much fuller and less natural look than microblading, however it does last approximately 3-6 months longer. Microshading is also a better alternative to microblading for those with oily skin types.

Microshading can achieve both dense and subtle brows, which is controlled by the amount of layers or applications that are completed. The subtle version of microshading is also known as powder brows.

Here are our top three shading microblading needles types:

Alternatively you can buy microshading roller online

Using a microshading roller may seem different to your usual methods of microblading, however it is an incredibly simple to use hand tool and still creates astonishing results.

How to use a Nano blade microshading roller:

Simply start the procedure as you normally would, by drawing out the brows. You can buy microblading measuring tools from Microblading Emporium here -

You could alternatively buy an eyebrow ruler sticker roll, to make the process even easier! 

Then once you have achieved your desired brow shape simply roll the tool into the chosen pigment so that all pins are covered in the pigment and start shading - rolling the pigment from left to right. Complete the shading row by row along the brows to ensure each part of the brow is saturated to the appropriate level and no area is missed.

Still unsure about using a microshading roller? Purchase a microblading practice skin kit and see for yourself just how easy this method can be!

Combination brows

Combination brows is exactly as it sounds, a combination of both microblading and microshading. This is a great option for those with very sparse brows as the microblading provides more natural hair strokes but the microshading adds fullness. Purchase a microblading needle pen starter kit to try out the different needles required for combination brows! 


Ombre brows is a style of microshading that is inspired by the hair trend. It starts off with a more subtle effect on the inner brows, gradually getting darker to the arch and then it is at its most pigmented at the tip of the brow creating the Ombre effect, light to dark.

If you accidentally add too much pigment to the inner brow then use this! 

The best pigment removal solution for use during the procedure to lighten the already applied pigment. 

Microblading supplies UK
With microblading the possibilities are endless, and if you would like to offer all options to your customers be sure to purchase all the tools you would need. ‘Good fortune often happens when opportunity meets with preparation’ Thomas Edison.

Buy all of your microblading supplies UK today at Microblading Emporium.

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