Microblading for Clients with Cancer

August 17, 2017

Microblading for Clients with Cancer

Microblading for Clients with Cancer

 As a beautician/Microblade Technician one of the best parts of your job is having the ability to make women feel better about themselves. The power to give them a pick-me-up is in your hands, and it’s one that you get to exercise every time you see a client. 

There are few things more rewarding than watching that transformation. A lady comes in looking a little down in the dumps, but by the time she leaves, she looks terrific and has a huge smile on her face. This is something you get to see day after day after day, but we’ll bet that it never stops giving you that special glow. 

One of the most amazing experiences is when cancer patients come in for microblading. Although their illness is taking its toll and they’re probably finding things hard, there is one way you can make a difference, and that’s by helping them to look a little more like their old selves again. 

How microblading can help 

Although appearance is rarely the key concern of someone who is going through or has gone through chemotherapy, it still has an impact on an individual’s self-esteem. Regardless of how poorly they are, everyone wants to look like themselves again after being ill with cancer, and this is something that microblading can help them with. 

Taking away the hassle of having to draw in their eyebrows every day, it can save them precious time when they’re feeling unwell, and ensure that when they look in the mirror at day’s end, they still feel like it’s them looking back. 

Who you can treat

When confronted with the potential loss of their hair, eyebrows, and eyelashes, and the scary thought of rounds of chemo, most people facing the prospect of treatment are upset and frightened by the thought of how dramatically their appearance may change. Those who are aware of its existence may turn to semi-permanent make-up as a solution. 

Most of them hope that they’ll be able to maintain a look as near to their natural eyebrows as possible, which is why the microblading procedure and the individual strokes it allows are so important, and understandably very popular amongst this demographic. 

Although it’s perfectly fine for you to work on those who come to you six weeks or more in advance of their chemo, there are a few potential complications that you should educate yourself on when treating sufferers, primarily that those who are undergoing treatment are at an increased risk of infection because of this. This means that GP approval should be sought before proceeding, clients should not be microbladed until 6 months post-chemo. 

You have a duty to encourage them to speak to their oncologist beforehand, to make sure that it’s safe for you to proceed with the microblading process. 

You may also wish to liaise with your insurance company to make sure that you're covered in the event of adverse effects, and should additionally have your clients sign a consent form outlining the risks, and explaining that you cannot guarantee how well the colour will hold due to their compromised health. 

How to approach the situation

Those undergoing chemotherapy will be going through an incredibly difficult time, which means that you’ll want to help alleviate this in any way you can. Sometimes, informing them that you’re unable to treat them at present can feel like the polar opposite of what you’re trying to achieve, but it is in their best interests in the long-run. One thing that you can do for those you cannot immediately treat is give them a date when you will be able to microblade them, so that they at least have something to look forward to. And for those you are unable to work with you can always suggest eyebrow kits/products, there are really good ones about e.g Annalisa London Eye Make Up Kit.

Another scenario you might run into is ladies hoping for last minute appointments before their chemo starts. Where you can, try to fit them in as soon as possible, to give them that little glimmer of hope to hold onto when the hard times really start. 

How to get your message out there: target your marketing 

If you can help to boost the confidence of men and women suffering with cancer, you’ll be doing not just your job, but giving back and doing your bit for humanity too. It’s a truly wonderful thing to do, but be aware that you can only assist those who know about your microblading services, which is why we suggest leaving your business cards at hospitals, support groups, and local/national charities, in order to raise awareness of your abilities. 

You could also follow in the footsteps of some other wonderful microblading technicians, who volunteer at their local support groups to give a little something back to those who are going through the big C. 

Make a real difference today: top up your microblading supplies, make sure that people know what, where, when and how to find your services and get to work spreading your special kind of magic, for no matter what they’re going through, everyone deserves beautiful brows.

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